Hematite Grounding Bracelet

$ 24.00 USD

Silver Hematite with 1 Brass Nugget Bracelet

Simple and classic. This hematite bracelet is a minimalists delight. It's the kind of piece you can wear every day with everything. A perfect adornment for the person who likes simplicity. On an energetic level- hematite is very grounding. While this is a delicate looking piece- don't underestimate it! It has a strong magnetic pull that helps to ground and anchor you to the earth. There is a yin and yang component to this design as well. The hematite has a silver hue which is considered calming. In the center is a golden brass bead which is considered energizing. So this piece is grounding, balancing and centering as well as quite handsome! I always suggest this piece as a gift for some one who is hard to shop for. I can customize it to any size you need. It ships in a gift bag with a product card clarifying the energetic properties. 

Regarding sizing: 7" is the standard size or a medium on all my bracelets. 8" is considered a large and 6" is a small. Its very rare I make a 5.  

Sturdy Stretch Elastic

Please allow 2 weeks for size large.

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