Harmony Necklace

$ 128.00 USD

 Solar Quartz & Labradorite Teardrop with Labradorite Rosary Chain.

This piece is very uplifting with great power and energy.  The bands in solar quartz are like the bands around Saturn, and they pick up the shades of green and blue and grey that are in this stunning drop of labradorite. Solar quartz and Labradorite are very harmonious together making this piece quite neutral while at the same time its very eye catching. 

I feel like I don't need to say too much about this piece, because it speaks for itself! 

1/2" Solar Quartz Connector

3/4"  Pear Shaped  Labradorite Teardrop

24" labradorite Rosary Chain.  (I can customize the length)

Gold-Filled Lobster Clasp