Stella Luna Necklace

$ 78.00 USD

Moon and Star Necklace on Labradorite Rosary Chain

Labradorite moon and moonstone star: Lab and Moonstone are like brothers and sister stones- they both have complimentary polarities making this a piece to bring harmony into your life.  Wear this necklace to remind yourself we are all connected under the heavens. Wear this necklace to shine your inner light outward. Read more about Moonstone and Labradorite on our crystal page.  

This handmade piece has a 2" adjuster so it can sit at just at the right spot to wear every day. 

.50"/1.27cm Star

.75"/1.9cm Moon 

16" Labradorite Rosary Chain with 2" Extender 

Gold-Filled Clasp