A Gift From The Stars -Stack Bracelets

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Fossil Coral and Solar Quartz Stack- Stretch Bracelets

This style is perfect for the woman who loves neutral shades of beigh, grey and taupe. 

This stack comes with 3 bracelets:

One Faceted Rondel 6mm Fossil Coral beaded bracelet mixed with a Solar Quartz 14k plated bezel-set stone.

 One Faceted Rondel 6mm Fossil Coral beaded bracelet

 One 4 mm Gold-filled Beaded bracelet. This adds luster and shine but keeps it minimal and clean. 

Standard size 7"

Please allow 2 weeks for this style.

Fossil Coral is said to be a gift from the stars. It's considered to be a recorder of time and events as it formed during pre-historic times.  This stone helps to keep you grounded and motivated. 

 Solar Quartz is a natural agate form of quartz. Like all quartz it brings energy, emotional strength and protection.