Halo Mandala Necklace

$ 74.00 USD

Halo Mandala Necklace

Sterling Silver Circle surrounds the Crown Chakra Mandala.  

The crown chakra, represented as this beautiful thousand petal lotus flower necklace is also called the 7th chakra. Located at the crown of the head, when this chakra is fully opened, like a flower, it is said you are fully realized in your spiritual potential and you feel a connection and kinship with all beings. When this chakra is fully opened, you are filled with tranquility and immense love for all beings. 

The silver circle surrounding the chakra is also poetic.  I see it as the energetic field.  Some see it as the universe.  The circle in Gestalt represents totality or completion. (Others simple see a circle and that's good too!)

1" circle

.75" Sterling Silver Mandala

24" Sterling Silver Ball Chain