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Larvikite, Lava Stone, Tibetan Pearl Bracelet

Larvikite, Lava Stone, Tibetan Pearl Bracelet

Black Lava, Larvikite and Tibetan pearl stretch bracelets. There is so much to say about these beautiful pieces. Reiki infused black lava is a fantastic grounding stone, It calms the emotions but it also has the qualities of fire as it springs up from the earth. 

Larvikite is related to labradorite, with a very high vibration and protective energy. The center pearl, called the guru stone, is from Nepal, and adds contrast and softness to the piece. This bracelet can be used for aromatherapy as the black lava is porous- just add a dab of your favorite essential oil to it for all day aromatherapy.  

Beautiful, useful and intentional, I personally wear this bracelet almost every day.  This was the very first bracelet I designed and the rest of the collection evolved from this.  

Sturdy Stretch Elastic

Please allow 2 weeks for size large.

To learn more about these crystals, please visit our crystal page.

Price is for one bracelet.


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