Moon Phases Round Necklace-Mixed Metal

$ 49.00 USD

Mixed Metal Phases of the Moon Circle Necklace

Phases of the Moon Circle Pendant - Bronze.

This etched and oxidized celestial charm represents all of the lunar phases as the moon waxes and wanes. The center is a cut out circle, as if it were representing a lunar eclipse, as the different profiles of the moon form a ring around the center from New Moon to Full Moon. Each phase of the moon has its own associated meaning. New moons are for beginnings, for example, while the waning moon is believed to be a good time for banishing things, or clearing negative influences. Channel the meaningful phases of our lovely lunar orb with this beautiful moon charm.

1/2 " Round Brass Moon Phases

16" + 2" Extender Gold Fill Satellite Chain or 18" Gunmetal/Gold Chain.  Please specify.