Don't Worry

Drop of the Ocean Necklace

$ 108.00 USD

 Amazonite Teardrop Pendent Necklace dangles from a brushed gold circle. Aqua marine crystal rosary chain. 

This piece combines the energy of 2 very powerful stones. Amazonite- named after the Amazon river, and the fearless Amazon warrior woman, helps you to find strength during times of change. Teaming it up with Aqua Marine, the go-with-the-flow stone, balances the energy of strength and surrender.  Think of it as knowing when to stand your ground and knowing when to surrender.  These tranquil shades of greens and blues are reminiscent of the ocean.  But remember, sometimes the ocean can be quite forceful! 

I see wearing this necklace on a long white dress or with a pair of jeans and a tee shirt.  Maybe even with a fun print as it wouldn't get lost.  Blues and greens are always best sellers as they flatter every ones skin tones and woman always feel good in these colors. 


Amazonite Teardrop Pendent Necklace dangles from a brushed gold circle.

Aqua marine crystal rosary chain. 

Sterling silver with gold plating.

2"  Amazonite teardrop 

Overall length is 24" with a 2" extender.

Teardrop is 2" long

Gold Filled Lobster Clasp


Custom lengths are available- just ask!  Photo is with a 36" chain.


All pieces are reiki cleared and charged.