About Crystals

 I am often asked, "Do crystals really work"? It has been proven, the mind and our thoughts have the ability to affect our health. So if you believe carrying a crystal will make you feel less stressful, it most likely will! We all need a little extra help right now, and crystals are here for our collective benefit. What are you drawn to?  Don't think too much or over analyze it, as they say the stone picks you! 

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Amazonite - Calming, Communication  


  Echo's the color of the Amazon River and its calming and soothing energies. "Hold tight to Amazonite during times of stress and call on its ultra chill vibes for a much-needed float down your inner river of tranquility." One of the anti-anxiety stones of the crystal worlds- it's also a powerful heart chakra stone- helping to release old wounds, filtering out stress, healing trauma and soothing energies in the home and work place. 

Balances the Heart & the Throat Chakras.  A calming stone that helps balance and stabilize the nervous system. Enhances personal expression and creativity, and stimulates a sincere desire to understand and to learn. It helps you balance the energies of strength, acceptance and change.


Amethyst - Clarifying, Calming, Integrating


The universal healer, Amethyst gently draws out pain and releases blockages in the subtle and physical bodies. A natural stress reliever, it brings calmness and clarity. Supports cleansing, and detoxification. Assists in overcoming insomnia and has been used historically for overcoming addictive patterns. 


Apatite- Peace, Clarity, Brotherhood

Apetite has inspirational qualities and encourages a peaceful respite from the confusion that comes from adulting in the modern world. The Apatite crystal stone helps to reawaken a sense of clarity that lights the path to self-expression. It gives us the guidance we need to maintain the delicate balancing act between following our dreams and the daily responsibilities of adulthood. Its known as a stone of manifestation and motivation, promoting a humanitarian outlook and service to others. A stone of the Throat Chakra, Blue Apatite helps with public speaking and enhances group communication.


Aquamarine  Calming, Soothing, Serenity

This water-like stone washes away stress and fear, leaving room for peace and tranquility.  Evokes the purity of crystalline waters, and the exhilaration and relaxation of the sea. It's calming, soothing, and cleansing. Aquamarine inspires serenity, trust and letting go. It gently brings rejuvenation and renewal to the mind, body and spirit. 

Aventurine - Tranquility


Balances the Heart Chakra.  Encourages calmness and a positive outlook. Cleanses negativity and releases emotional pain in a gentle, effective way. Calms anger and irritation and inspires compassion.  Releases childhood anxieties and fears. Useful for meditation.


Black Tourmaline - Grounding, Protective 

Emits an electric charge, causing it to release negative ions. Shields from harmful electromagnetic radiation—from TVs, computers and mobile phones.  A strong purifier. It has been used since ancient times by Shamans and healers for protection. Black Tourmaline is considered by many to be the most powerful protective stone and it is one of the few stones that protects and heals on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


Carnelian - Creativity, Courage, Energizing 

Carnelian balances the Root & Sacral chakras. A stone of courage. Powerfully grounding, anchors you in the present. Energizing and warming, stimulates vitality & joy. A potent stone to hold if you fear death. Releases trauma and imbalances in the sacral chakra. A stone to help you overcoming abuse by helping you to trust.

Celestite - Deep Peace, High Vibration


Celestite is called the “Stone of the angels,” links us to our guardian angels so we never have to weather the storm alone. Keep Celestite on your nightstand to be protected by your guardian angels when you sleep. Harnesses calming and peaceful energy, like a lullaby, guiding your inner spirit towards light and love. A high vibration stone connecting you to the higher realms.  Its pale blue color is so distinctive that it was said in ancient cultures to be pieces of the sky that had fallen down to Earth.

Chalcedony -Soothing, Calming, Brotherhood

Chalcedony is soothing and calming, it's great for promoting a sense of peace and joy. Chalcedony helps to relieve one of negative emotions, bringing a greater sense of overall happiness into one's life.  Absorbs negativity and promotes harmony. Chalcedony is a stone of brotherhood.  It promotes group stability and alleviates hostility. 


Chevron Amethyst- Peace, Acceptance, Discovery

Chevron Amethyst is for peace for mind, relaxation and self-discovery.  It also aids in helping you to go with the flow and not resist change.


Citrine- Uplifting, Warming, Confident,


Balances the Solar Plexus 3rd Chakra. It brings confidence and the energy to succeed. Brings clarity and focus to the mind.  Gently expansive, relaxing and comforting.  One of the few minerals on the planet that does not hold and accumulate negative energy, but instead transmutes and dissipates it.


 Clear QUARTZ - Harmony, Alignment, Purification

Balances the Crown Chakra. An excellent stone for the purification of the energetic body.  Clears negativity from the chakras and transfers the vitality of any companion stone to the body.  It is a stone of cooperation and receptivity, which allows it to work extremely well with other gemstones. Harmonizes and aligns human energies – thoughts, consciousness, emotions. Balances all energy fields in the vicinity. 


Dendritic Opal -Luck During Transitions, Hope

Gives hope to life. It has been loved as a gemstone that lights the darkness. This is a good gemstone to use when you want to change your luck. Best used as an amulet to survive the turning points of your life.

Druzy Crystal- The Light Bearer

A formation of tiny sparkling crystals on the surface of a larger crystal body. It acts as a mirror to the soul, helping to release lingering negative emotions, experiences or trauma stuck within your heart space. It is known as the stone of fairies or stardust.  It is considered a light bearer. 

Fluorite - Clarity

Purifies the mind and enhances mental acuity, stimulating the Third Eye Chakra.  It is an excellent crystal for focused meditation.  Get rid of cluttered thoughts and negative patterns no longer serving your best interest. Purple Fluorite is a stone of protection, thought to become more protective the longer it is used. It radiates a marvelous energy throughout the light body. I sometimes call this stone the spiritual vacuum cleaner for the dust bunnies in your head. 


Fossil Coral -Connection to Ancestors, Adaptation 

Fossil coral is a natural gemstone that is created when prehistoric coral marine animals are gradually replaced with agate. Most coral found today can be anywhere from 100,000 to 25 million years old! 

Fossils increase feelings of self-confidence and success when we need to release old paradigms and create the foundation for change.

Garnet - Balancing, Connecting, Flowing 

Balances the Root Chakra. Extracts negative energy from all of the chakras and transforms this energy into a beneficial state. Enhances your internal fire, bringing the creative powers forth and allowing for manifestation.  Encourages fidelity and devotion, dispelling feelings of abandonment and loneliness.  Sometimes thought of as a stone of passion.  Passion for work, family, creativity or romantic. 

Hematite- Grounding, Balancing and Centering.

A talisman for grounding, balancing and centering.

It's strong magnetic qualities help to balance the yin and yang meridians of the body. A very grounding stone, its magnetic pull helps anchor you to the earth. A very protective, first chakra stone. 

Howlite- Anger Management

Useful in calming the negative and overactive mind, reducing stress, and inducing a peaceful nights sleep. 

Helps control rage and encourages patience, tolerance and a positive attitude. Improves memory.  A stone every one should have in their stone tool-box!

Iolite - Vision, Shamanism


Iolite is a vision stone thought to activate your third eye and your deepest knowing and understanding of the truth. A Shaman's Stone. Its a beautiful cornflower blue color.

Jasper - Nurturing 

There are so many different varieties of this stone and each has unique properties. Here are some of the qualities: 

Balances and aligns the chakras.  Acts as a reminder that you are not here, just for yourself, but also to bring joy to others.  Soothes loneliness, allowing you to ask for support and help when necessary.  Provides protection and assistance during travel.  Dispels negativity, purifies and cleanses the aura, and connects you to the stabilizing energies of the earth.  

Kyanite- Clearing

Kyanite is one of the two minerals on the planet that neither accumulates nor retains negative energy, and therefore never needs cleansing. Kyanite's energy is unlimited in application, making it an excellent stone for metaphysical purposes, and it may be used for cleansing and clearing other crystals.

Labradorite - Transformation, Protection, Intuition

This stone is found in the Northern most part of Labrador Canada, by the North Pole. The lore of the native Inuit people claim Labradorite fell from the frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis, and that's why it reflects swirling tones of greens and blues in a hologram like pattern.  An extraordinary stone, it shimmers in a mystical light that has the power to open our awareness and connect us to unseen realms. Also called a Stone of Magic, it's a crystal for shamans, diviners, healers, and all who travel and embrace the universe seeking knowledge and guidance. For self-discovery, it is excellent for awakening one's own awareness of inner spirit, intuition and psychic abilities.  A very high vibration stone and very protective.

This beautiful stone also strengthens your aura and protects you from the energy drain of others. Supports gaining deep intuition and raises consciousness.  Calms the overactive mind. A useful companion through change, imparting patience and perseverance. A strong meditation stone.


Lapis- Truthfulness, Inner Power, Organization

Known as the wisdom stone. Brings Harmony and deep inner knowing. Encourages self expression, honesty, morality and objectivity. Encourages creativity, especially around written and verbal communication. 

Larvakite -Intuition, Meditation, Anchoring

Larvikite is a close cousin of Labradorite and is often called Black Labradorite, Black Moonstone, or Norwegian Moonstone. But Larvikite is neither. It is actually a granite that also has a similar “labradorescent” effect in the light. It is mined primarily in Norway. 

This stone is beneficial in learning and developing all varieties of intuitive abilities.  It helps with meditation, journeying, visualizing, divination, past life and soul work. Larvikite helps you absorb spiritual learning and learn complicated practices. It grounds your physical self and protects you while you are in Higher Realms. Wear Larvikite if you are embarking on deep and intense meditation practices, so the stone can act as your anchor.

This is a stone that has fascinated me for quite some time and I am always learning new things about it! 


Lava- Courage, Grounding, Rebirth

Fantastic for stabilizing and grounding, it has a strong connection to the earth. In folk remedies, it was given to solders to help them remain calm during battle. It calms the emotions but also has the qualities of fire as it springs from the ground. It holds raw energy and is considered to be a stone of rebirth, helping you to shed unwanted layers of emotional attachments. 

Lava is porous and has the ability to hold oil.  Dab your favorite essential oil on the stones and use your lava bracelet as your own personal aromatherapy diffuser!


Lepidolite - Calming, Balancing, Trust and acceptance.

 Acts as a shield and is a stone for dispelling negativity and restoring calm in a hostile environment. It is often used to aid decision making. Lepidolite  is a stone of transformation in that it helps one get through transitions with trust that everything will ultimately turn out for the best. It contains trace amounts of lithium, which is used to treat anxiety. 

Moonstone - New Beginnings, Harmony, Feminine

A very ethereal and deeply feminine stone that channels the moon. A stone for new beginnings and deep intuition. Moonstone brings you back to calmness, wholeness and the sacred feminine.  A rainbow of pearly hues connects you to the fluctuating moon and the ever-flowing cycle of darkness giving way to light. 

Pyrite - Abundance, Success, Grounding, Upliftment

Having a raw pyrite crystal on your office desk, or in your business, invites in abundance, prosperity, success and wealth. Because it’s connected with the solar plexus chakra, it also increases willpower, motivation and personal power—it’s an especially powerful crystal for men to have. Connect with the energy of Pyrite when you need a little encouragement, positivity and uplifting, especially when it comes to your career or passion.

Rose Quartz -Loving Kindness, Forgiveness

A heart stone and talisman for all types of love ~romantic love, self love, friendship and unconditional love. Helps open the heart chakra.

Brings your consciousness to a higher level, softly helping you to forgive and understand yourself and others. Helps deepen your connections to yourself and others.

If Buddha carried around one stone in his pocket- it would have been Rose Quartz.  It's a stone to help you act with loving kindness. 


Sandalwood -Mediation, Clarity, Harmony

Sandalwood is a hemiparasite tree (which means it cannot live without being planted close to appropriate species like neem, pyerocarpus etc). The Indian sandalwood are government-owned, and the cultivation is monitored. Sandalwood oil is heavily priced at about 65,000 rupees per kg.  It has been prized for thousands of years as a wood burned in Hindu and Buddhist temples to bring about relaxation and a meditative state. Our sandalwood beads come from Vrindavan India.


Shungite- Protection, De-toxification


Shungite is around 2 billion years old but it was only discovered in the 1800's.  It is an extraordinarily positive stone as it is one of the only known natural material known to contain fullerenes, which are powerful anti-oxidants.

The energy embodied within this ancient stone is said to absorb and eliminate anything that is a health hazard to human life, and it has active metaphysical properties with strong healing powers. Fullerenes were brought to our attention when research on them gained the scientists a Nobel prize.  Use Shungite for EMF protection and grounding. Scientific research and experiments have shown that placing Shungite close to your cell phone, laptops, computers and other electronic sources, significantly weakens the impact of electromagnetic radiation on the body. It absorbs and neutralizes the harmful effects of EMFS, which affect energetic balance and your health.

In addition to EMF protection, use Shungite for purification and detoxification of the mind, body, spirit. Working with it grounds your root chakra to create a more stable and balanced foundation.


Smoky quartz- Releases Negativity

A powerful grounding stone that is used extensively in healing and meditation work. It is one of the fundamental grounding stones. It is known to be able to establish a clear path to removing negativity by passing it back into the Earth where it can dissipate naturally. It is also used in praying to ancestors, grounding the spirit, and providing an anchor in the natural world.

Sodalite -Panic Attacks, Stress, Fear

Sodalite eliminates confusion, enabling you to find your inner truth. Useful in reducing stress and panic attacks. A calming stone that promotes harmony. Gets you in touch with your deeper intuition and 6th sense. Removes fear and promotes courage and endurance. Useful in easing oversensitivity and defensiveness. A stone of logic.

Solar Quartz -Uplifting

Solar Quartz is a natural agatized quartz that is sliced from stalactites in clear, white or gray, with mossy inclusions. A rare form of quartz, but as with all quartz it is an energy enhancer, connecting to spirit and harmony. Solar Quartz is said to bring emotional strength and be uplifting with great power and energy.

Tigers Eye- Courage while Manifesting, Integrity

Tigers Eye Stone is a crystal with interesting bands of yellow-golden color through it. This is a powerful stone that helps you to release fear and anxiety and aids harmony and balance. It stimulates taking action, and helps you to make decisions with discernment and understanding and unclouded by your emotions. It encourage you to live boldly, fiercely and bravely in all aspects of your life. When you are looking for a boost of courage to help you overcome fear or take risks in your life, or to empower you and motivate you, tigers eye is a good choice. 

Turquoise -Protection, Happiness

 Turquoise is one of the oldest stone in history.  It has been a talisman of kings, shamans, and warriors. Often called a travelers stone, its a stone of protection.

The birthstone of Sagittarius  it's also a stone for happiness. Strong and opaque, yet soothing to the touch, it's very healing to the eye and uplifting to the spirit.

 One of the oldest stones used as a talisman by kings, shamans and warriors. A strong stone of protection yet soothing to the eye and touch. Considered a master healer, promotes an energetic flow of the highest vibration. A good luck charm for travel, health and abundance. 

                                   Watermelon Tourmaline

Watermelon Tourmaline is a combination of pink and green Tourmaline that soothes the heart and counters anger or resentment. Used in meditation it assists with calming the mind and the emotions, allowing us to release stress.