Bee Calm Sodalite and Sandalwood Stack

$ 120.00 USD

Sodalite and Sandalwood Bee Calm Stack

Sodalite is the anti stress stone and we mix it with Sandalwood for the added calming aromatherapy bonus of sandalwood.  Our is from Vrindeban India and is extremely fragrant!

Spacers are Gold-filled.

Our Sweet Bee coin is a Brass Alley from Italy and has an  anti-tarnish finish.

Our standard size is 7" but you can message me for additional sizes and more info on how to measure. 

Please read below to learn more about Sandalwood and Sodalite.

* Remember, we donate 3% to Save The Bee's for every purchase with a bee!


Reiki Infused
This bracelet has been cleared and charged, using the original Usai Reiki attunement method and with crystal healing bowls.
Please enjoy and be well!