Pave Diamond Lotus Necklace

$ 298.00 USD

Pave Diamond  Lotus Flower- Medium

Shimmer and sparkle.  Our pave lotus is made from diamond chips set in sterling silver with gold vermeil trim. 

The lotus comes up from the mud but is pure white when it opens.  Symbolic of the struggles in life that we work through and grow from.  Considered by many as the most beautiful flower in the world, the lotus blossom has come to symbolize enlightenment, serenity, and determination to grow strong under any circumstance.

This is a perfect gift for graduation and birthdays.  Its a necklace to wear everyday with everything as a sweet reminder that life is forever renewing. 

No mud- no lotus!

 .75" Silver and Diamond Lotus with Gold Vermeil Trim

Rhodium and 14k Gold plating on Sterling Silver Chain

Lobster Clasp