Open Doors Sandalwood Bracelet /Mens/Unisex Bracelet/Gender Neutral

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Sandalwood and Copper Mens/Unisex Bracelet/Gender Neutral

 Be strong, be kind, be brave, this Sandalwood bracelet with copper inlay is infused with goodness. We import this fragrant sandalwood from India. It's harvested from a sacred tree and its exports controlled by the government.  The aroma has been used for 1000's of years to help induce meditation and a feeling of calm. The bead in the middle is from Tibet and is inlayed with copped and is also for healing, especially arthritis. 


All bracelets are Reiki infused and Crystal Tones sound bowl cleared. 

We plant tree's fro every piece you purchase. 

Made of a very sturdy stretch elastic.


Small  = 7" 

Regular = 8"

Large = 8 1/2"

XL= 9"

These are bracelet measurements.  Wrist size is about a 1/2" smaller