Rose Quartz and Sandalwood Bracelet with Labradorite Heart Charm

$ 48.00 USD

Rose Quartz and Sandalwood Bracelet With Labradorite Heart Charm

Inspired by the open-hearted women in the NIA dance community at Laughing Dog Yoga in Wellesley Ma this style is as pretty as it is meaningful. 

Rose Quartz is for compassion and kindness.  Sandalwood is calming and has a lovely scent. Labradorite is protective and brings awareness. 

Easy and sturdy stretch elastic.

Our sandalwood is genuine sandalwood form the tree Santalum Album and smells great. We purchase from a woman's cooperative in India.  Its a purchase with a purpose. 

Standard size is 7".  Please message me for other sizes. 

Ships in a pretty bag with the crystals descriptions.